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A London Elektricty D&B podcast New tunes, exclusives, undiscovered gems, Tony Colman aka London Elektricity brings you a regular dose of liquid goodness from our favourite genre

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Saturday Nov 18, 2023

In which you tell us how you stay sane in this increasingly insane world.
New D&B from:
Catching Cairo, Disrupta, Chimpo, Caracal Project, Klinikal, GLXY, Halogenix, Skantia, Mitekiss, Dunk, Monrroe, Kasra & Gardna, Sustane and Particle, Polaris, Overlook, Zero T & Minor Forms, DPR, Conrad Subs & Natty Campbell, Thystle, Emba KSR & Vektah and Visla. 

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

huge love for all your shouts this week. I bring you your stories, and music from: Benny L, Zero T, Onj, Catching Cairo, Bcee, MsDoS, Viewer, Skylark, Reuben, London Elektricity, Inja, Vonne, Speaker Louis, Degs, NCT, Total Science, Watch The Ride, Arp XP, A-Sides, Numatix, The Sauce, Pola & Bryson, IYAMAH, Sl8r, Rizzle, Kilinical, Minor Forms, Pyxis, Satl, Science of Man, John B, Anile, Digital Native, Technimatic, Submorphics, GLXY, Sustance, Calibre.

Friday Oct 06, 2023

it's good to be back after a summer of gigs and studio sessions. New liquid D&B from Steo, Technimatic, Nookie, Ruth Royal, Mitekiss, Breezy Lee, Catching Cairo, Dogger, QZB, Charli Brix, Channell, Etherwood, Science of Man, Kimyan Law, Note, Alex Hill, Hugh Hardie, DJ Marky, Polar & Bryson, The Sauce, Calyx, A-Sides, Anile, Watch The Ride, Joliffe, Liam Bailey, Kray, Lyndon Jarr, Dunk, Seba & Paradox, Wayes, Solah, Speaker Louis, Zero T, Makoto, Polaris and Skylark. 
Thanks to these labels for sending me music: North Quarter, Metalheadz, Goldfat, UKF, Critical, Emcee, +++, Soulvent, Shogun, CIA, Symmetry, FTNTS, RInse, DeVice, Empathy, Liquicity, Pilot. 

Wednesday Aug 23, 2023

15th July 2023 I got the train from Chelm in Poland to Kyiv, Ukraine. I played for 2 hours with a beautiful crowd of ravers at Uyava in Kyiv. It was the show of a lifetime for me. This is my set in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :) music from myself, Unglued, Whiney, Watch The Ride, Justin Hawks, High Contrast, Sonic, Nu:tone, Brookes Brothers, Danny Byrd, B Complex, Riot Jazz Brass Band, Camo & Krooked, Elsa Esmeralda, S.P.Y, Hugh Hardie, Zara Kershaw, Hidden Element, Adam F, Polar & Bryson, Mozey, I Wannabe, Etherwood, Metrik, Gentleman's Dub Club, Anais, Taxman, Breakage, Break, Nu:Logic, Cyantific, LSB, Technimatic, Culture Shock, Urbandawn, Makoto, A-Sides, Apex, Calibre, Liane Carroll, Logistics, MC Fats, MIST, Lynx,  Grand Unified, J Magik, Kings Of The Rollers, Netsky, DJ Die, Dubphyzix, Conrad Subs, PD Syndicate, Shy FX  

Thursday May 25, 2023

Focus on the Billion Dollar Remixes album. 
It's 20 years since I released my album Billion Dollar Gravy on Hospital Records. To mark the anniversary, each track has been remixed by some of the best producers in the business. 
This podcast contains new music and production by: 
Unglued, Whiney, Bop & Subwave, Wyld Dogz, Calibre, Dogger & Mindstate, Whytwo & Imo:Lu, Watch The Ride, Thinktonk, Charli Brix, Lenzman & Slay, Conrad Subs, Zero T, Mozey, Break, Liam Bailey, Kimyan Law, Hugh Hardie, MC Fats, Bcee, L-Side & Charlotte Haining, Dunk and mSdoS. 

Wednesday May 03, 2023

In which we all live in the moment. Brand new soulful D&B from these humans:
London Elektricity, Bop & Subwave, Catching Cairo, Turno, Break, Lorna King, Charli Brix, Kimyan Law, Lens & BCee, Calibre, MC Fats, Dunk & Black Opps, Technimatic, Q Project, Javeon & Deadline, Particle, Seba, Zero T, D-Kay. 

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

fresh back from Locus in Tulum, Mexico, I bring you the sound of the inside of my head. You share your reactions to that Brene Brown reading I did. 
And, thanks for subscribing and getting this podcast past the 250,000 listens mark!
new music from:
London Elek (that's me), Robert Owens, Zerot T, Ed:it, Sustance, Pola & Bryson, Duskee & Zara Kershaw, Dogger & Ephyra ft Tominthechamber, Charli Brix, Hyroglifics & Catching Cairo, Makoto, Ruth Royal & Alex Boy, Lynx, Natalie Duncan, Lenzman, Enei, Kings OF The Rollers & Katy B, Akuratyde, Think Tonk & DJ Fresh ft Jamie McCool & Liam Bailey, and Skeptical. 

Fast Soul Music Episode 26

Monday Feb 27, 2023

Monday Feb 27, 2023

Fast Soul Music to brighten your day/night with brand new tunes from: 
Me, Mozey, Reuben, Polaris & Schematic, Dawn Wall, Nu:logic and Flava D, Voltage, Sweety Irie & Serum, Hologram, Anais, Sudley & Champion DI, Dunk, Mitekiss & Kublai, Jubei & LSB, Zero T & Onj, Bastion & Zara Kershaw, Waeys, DJ Hybrid and Phase.  

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Fast Soul Music Podcast. A throwback to my set at Sunandbass in September 2022 in Sardinia hosted by Fava and Tempza. It’s cold and raining right now in London so let’s have some sunshine :)

Friday Jan 13, 2023

kicking 2023 off with a brand new selection of fast soul music for you. freshness from High Contrast, Waeys & flowanastatisia, Zero T & Onj & Aaliyah Esprit, DRS & Sub Phizix, Conrad Subs, Brook, Bou & Trigga, Aliz Perez, Watch The Ride & London Elektricity, Unkoded, The Vanguard Project & Catching Cairo, Bensley, DLR, Mitekiss, Total Science, L-Side & Bassman and SPMC.
Thanks to these labels for releasing great music: Highly Contrasting, Critical, CIA, Shogun, Precinct, Goldfat, Souped Up, Hospital, V Recordings, UKF, mau5trap.  



Brand new, exclusive and undiscovered gems from the world of D&B, presented by Tony Colman aka London Elektricity. 

Tony founded the iconic Hospital Records label and since 2006 has presented the  over 450 episodes of the award-winning Hospital Podcast. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy a dose of beautiful fast soul music. 



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